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Maybe you are thinking to root your android phone for whatever reason you might have but don’t know where to start or too afraid to do it? Don’t worry; I’m going to share you some tips based on my experience so your android smart phone will be safe. Here are some very important things you should know before rooting you android phone.

1. Familiarize yourself with the following terminologies

ROM – Think of it as an operating system (OS) like windows 7, windows 8, or windows 10. You can install different ROM that is customized specifically for your device.

CUSTOM RECOVERY – Think of it as a BIOS, like the one on your PC. Your device has its own recovery but it’s not powerful enough and limited. You can only do a factory reset, but with a custom recovery, you can install an application, or install a new custom ROM to your device.  

FLASH – A method of “installing” an application or ROM using a custom recovery. All things you flash are in “.zip” file.

SOFT BRICK – Means “software dead”. This happens when you flashed an incorrect rom or there was an error while flashing a custom ROM or application. Your phone is not starting at all but you can still enter into recovery mode and install a new ROM.

HARD BRICK – Physical hardware is involved. This is the result of incorrect way of flashing. You are not able to enter anymore into recovery mode. You need to use some desktop application to fix your phone.

BOOT LOOP – A state where your android phone does not boot properly. It keeps on displaying the logo and does not continue. This happens when you flash an incompatible ROM or an application.

2. Read or watch every available tutorial on how to root your android phone, exact brand and model.

 Don’t use tutorial from other smartphone because the process of rooting an android phone is specific only on each unit or brand. After you found the tutorial for your smartphone, be sure to understand the whole process step by step. Get all required components (custom recovery and an original copy of your android ROM (OS)) before you start experimenting on your phone.

3. Install a custom recovery on your android smartphone

After rooting your android phone, you must change its default recovery. With a custom android recovery, you are safe no matter what happen to your android smartphone. Some popular custom recovery for android is TWRP and CWM. These custom recoveries will help you re-install again the original operating system (ROM) of your smartphone if everything gets corrupted. Only flash a custom recovery that is compatible with your device.

4. Backup everything

After you successfully flashed a custom recovery on your device, the next thing you should do is to back up your current ROM (operating system). Both TWRP and CWM has an option to back up everything including all your current applications and data with it.

5. Only choose a custom ROM that is compatible with your device

Look for forums or other android groups about your device. Don’t use other ROM that is not customized to work on your specific device model because it will not work.

6. Before you flash anything, be sure to check if it is compatible with your device

Once you flashed an incompatible file(ROM,Application), this may cause to brick your phone. Always look for threads/forum that the file you want to flash is compatible with your device.

7. Be sure to have a custom recovery before you flash anything on your device.

Again, based on my experience, this is the most important part of rooting. You must have a custom recovery so you can always fix your device every time it crashes.

8. Fully charged your phone

Be sure that your phone’s battery is enough (at least 50%) while you flash anything.

These are just some of the basic but very important things you should know before you root your android phone. Join Facebook groups, forums, threads about your device for more information. It will help you a lot. Good luck.

Eugene   May 06, 2017  2305 views 
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Rooting your android smartphone gives you a great power to customize it. But you should always remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Here are several reasons why you need to root your android smartphone.

  • To uninstall bloatware (pre-installed app) or default apps
  • You might notice on a new smartphone that there are some apps already pre-installed. Some of those apps that are not default on Android were added by your device manufacturer.  Sometimes those apps are useless and just consume space and memory. The worst part is that some of those pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled. You have only one choice which is to “disable” but still, those apps consumes space.  If you’re not happy with that, you can root your android smartphone and delete those apps to completely remove from your smartphone.


  • To reduce battery consumption by tweaking some configurations
  • With root permission, you can access your android system folder which contains various configurations and options. By editing the right configuration, it is possible to turn off unnecessary process or limit CPU usage to extend battery life. You can look about this tweaks on google to improve the battery life of your smartphone.


  • Overclock smartphone’s CPU or GPU to run games much faster
  • You can control the processor (CPU) speed of your android smartphone depending on your purpose. If you want to run your games smoothly, you might want to increase the speed or frequency (MHz) of your device’s CPU and GPU.  You can do this by editing some configurations or by the help of some special application.


  • To increase ROM storage and RAM
  • RAM is a type of memory on your smartphone that handles all your active apps. You might notice that if you open a lot of apps simultaneously, your smartphone is starting to become very slow, this is because the RAM on your smartphones decreases and there’s no more space to handle other processes or active apps. 

    You can increase your smartphone’s RAM by using your phone storage (ROM) or by adding a very high speed SD card. This is possible by using a special application.


  • To run applications that requires root permission
  • As mentioned above, you can customize your android smartphone by using some special applications. In order for these apps to run and work properly, your device must be rooted properly, otherwise it will not work.

  • To change the overall look of your smartphone by installing different ROM (OS) from other brand of android smartphone
  • You can change the overall look oy your android smartphone by installing a customized OS (ROM) of your android smartphone. You can look on the internet for the “custom ROM” of your android smartphone.


  • And lastly to  enhance system performance (Audio, Camera,  and Network connection)
  • As I was said, you can edit the configurations of your android smartphone. You can enhance the audio quality, picture quality, and data speed or network connection of your android smartphone.

    Rooting your android smartphone is very risky if you are not a technical savvy. You should only root your smartphone if you have fully understood the whole process. There are some guidelines that you should know first before attempting to root your android smartphone.

    You should remember that rooting your android smartphone will void your device’s warranty. Different brands of android smartphone require different methods of rooting process. Rooting a Samsung smartphone is not the same as rooting a Xiaomi smartphone or any other android smartphone.

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