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How to Protect Yourself from Hackers on the Internet

Eugene    Apr 30, 2017     682 views

The internet is not safe as you think it is. You don’t know how dangerous it is every time that you visit a website or click a link on the internet. Here are some tips to prevent those hackers from stealing all your data and information.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi Whether It Is Free or Paid

Having free internet is nice but you should not use this whenever you are doing online banking, purchasing online, or accessing your company’s website. Anyone that is connected on the same Wi-Fi network can be a hacker and they can steal your data. It is possible to extract the data from anyone that is connected on the same Wi-Fi network. So always use your own mobile data connection or bring your own pocket Wi-Fi.

Don’t use Public Devices for Personal Transactions

Never use a public internet cafe for personal transactions especially if you are doing online banking. Bring your own device if you have to.

Always Check the Website URL

Don’t look at the content, always check the website’s URL. A fake website can look the same as the original one. This is called fishing and you should be aware of it especially of you are doing online banking. It is better to type manually the address of your bank website than clicking it somewhere from the net.

Don’t Click Unknown Links, or Any Ads

Do not click any link from anyone you don’t know. Avoid clicking links from untrusted websites. Don’t click ads; never do that whatever it says. A simple link can steal your information and data.  This is called cross-site-forgery or cross-site-scripting. If you are not sure whether the link is safe or not, the best way to do is to open the link on incognito tab so no data will be collected from your current browser session.  

Use PayPal as Payment Method

The reason why it is best to use PayPal to purchase online is that you don’t need to re-enter your credit card info on every online store. Once you are registered to PayPal, all your credit card info is safe in one place. And also with PayPal, you can limit or control your credit card spending. Aside from that, PayPal is a trusted payment method worldwide.

Always Use the Logout Button to Exit from a Website Appliction

There is a reason why there is a logout button and you should always use it to exit on every web application. The purpose of the logout button is to clear or delete all your current session data so that it will not be collected by the hacker.

Avoid Using Cracked Softwares or Programs

Please don’t use cracked software if you don’t know where it came from. They can log everything you do on your own computer and steal all the information about you including your back account credentials and other information.

Install Latest Anti-Virus Software and Update your Applications

Your PC can be infected by just browsing on the internet. So look for an Anti-Virus software that offers internet security. Please, use a paid version, not cracked or free if you really want to protect you self.

Hackers are very powerful and there are so many ways to hack you. Don’t easily believe on everything you see on the internet without verifying it. Always use your common sense.


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