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AJC    May 04, 2017     682 views

The Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerburg, and still today, Facebook is one of the most widely used online social media across the world. It is now a necessity among teenagers, and serve as a diary, album, portfolio for others.

If you want to change the theme and color of your Facebook, here are the simple steps.

First you need to go to your Google Chrome browser and go to options.

1st step

Second step, from the options choose "more tools" then go to "extensions", this is where we access the Chrome Webstore, if you know how to access Chrome Webstore you can skip this step and the third step.

2nd step

Third step, inside the extension tab you need to scroll down to find the "get more extension" and click it. Google Chrome will redirect you to Google Webstore where you can download the extension you need to change your Facebook theme.

3rd step

Now, when you are on the Chrome Webstore, type "stylish" on the search box and click enter.

4th step

5th step

When the results appear on the screen, select the "Stylish-Custom themes for any website".

6th step

If you want to check the product if it is safe from viruses you can read the overview and reviews about this product. If you're now satisfied you can click now the "Add to chrome" button and wait for the installation of your extension, it only takes 3 to 5 seconds.

After the installation, go to your Facebook account and click the small icon on the right corner, and select the "Style Library". Here you can select the themes you want for your Facebook.

7th step

8th step

If you find the theme you want just click the install style button to automatically apply your theme.

9th step

After applying your theme you can now enjoy the new look of your Facebook.

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