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How to Fix Undetected External Hard Drive (HDD)

Eugene    May 02, 2017     669 views

Fix Undetected External Hard Drive (HDD)

If you have an external hard drive that works properly with your laptop or pc before and then suddenly your pc did not recognized  it anymore for whatever reason, here is a fix for that.

To see if this fix is applicable to you, remove everything that is connected to your pc and then  go to “Control Panel\System and Security\System” and then click “Device Manager” and then click “Disk Drives”.

fix undetected external hard drive

In my case, I have only one disk drive (ST9500325AS) and that’s the HDD of my laptop. Now, try to connect your external hard drive to see if it will appear on the list.

fix undetected external hard drive

My external hard drive (WD My Passport07A8 USB Device) finally appeared after trying to connect it to all available USB ports of my laptop. After that, select the external hard drive then right click and select “uninstall”. 

fix undetected external hard drive

After uninstalling your external drive, disconnect it from your pc, wait for a few minutes before connecting it again. This time, when you connect your external drive, your pc will install new driver and you should be able to access all your data from your external drive.
If it does not work, try to reboot your PC and repeat the process again.

fix undetected external hard drive


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