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Here are some tips that you should know if you are looking for the best laptop deals.
Choosing the right laptop can be complicated but here’s a practical guide to help you decide which one you should buy.
1. Always look for the processor (CPU) first.
If you don’t want to get frustrated all the time, you should choose a laptop with a good CPU.  

If you like Intel, look for Intel Core i3 and up, for AMD counterpart, look for AMD A6 and up.
If you want performance and speed, choose a laptop with the best CPU.

2. Check the RAM Capacity (Random Access Memory). 
The RAM determines how much applications your laptop can open at the same time without slowing down. The higher the better. The recommended (minimum) RAM for today’s laptop should be 4GB. 2GB is not enough anymore. Ask if they can upgrade the RAM to at least 4GB.
3. Graphics Card (GPU)
Having a dedicated video card can greatly affect the performance of your laptop. 

If you are into games or video editing, you should check if the laptop has a dedicated video card. Check this site to learn more about GPU. 

4. Display 
When it comes to display, there are three factors that you might want to consider, the screen size, display resolution, and the display technology.

Screen Size: This will determine how big your laptop will be.
Display Resolution:  This will determine how clear/sharp the text and images on your laptop will be. You can choose from HD (1280x720) - (common display resolution), FULL HD (1920x1080) – (much better), or the latest 4K Resolution.
Display Technology: This will determine how vivid the text and pictures will be at any angle like the picture above. The common display type today is LED, followed by IPS then AMOLED.

5. Storage Size
You can choose between Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD is a new technology for storage. I would recommend a 120GB SSD over a 1TB HDD (1000GB) because SSD storage is very fast. There is a great advantage using SSD as your main storage. Your application will load fast and smooth. It will give your laptop a great performance because of its speed and efficiency. You can always buy an external hard drive if you need more space.

6. Form Factor/Design
After checking for the CPU, RAM, display, and storage, now it is time to look which one has a better design. Do you like the bulky or the slim one? It is you who will decide which one you like.

7. Extra Features
Examine carefully if you really need that extra features. Don’t trade a good laptop over a shitty added feature (eye scanner. Fingerprint sensor, DVD/CD writer and etc.). Always look which one who can offer a better CPU, RAM, display, and storage. 

It’s still your budget that will dictate which laptop you’ll get, so be sure that you choose the right one. 

Eugene   Jun 02, 2017  1630 views 
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Are you feeling lazy or tired? Do you want your day to be productive? This coffee hack will make your body lively and full of energy.
Coffee is a great energy booster and it enhances mental alertness; this is because coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and it can be used to improve physical strength and endurance. It is classified as a nootropic because it sensitizes neurons and provides mental stimulation.

So here’s the technique to harness the power of coffee. Drink it like you shot tequila. Put a lot of coffee and lots of sugar then add some water, just enough to melt both and then take your shot. In this way you can immediately feel the effects of caffeine in your body.

Step 1:
Prepare  one tablespoon (minimum) of coffee-powder ,you can add more if you want (up to 4 tablespoon of coffee). A tablespoon of coffee can contain up to 90mg of caffeine (estimated). Recommended intake (total consumption) of caffeine is 300-400mg per day for healthy adults. 
Step 2: 
Put lots of sugar. Put at least two tablespoon of sugar per one tablespoon of coffee (powder). Just put enough sugar to minimize the bitterness. The sugar also gives you instant energy boost.
Step 3:
Put  a little bit of hot water, just enough to melt the sugar and the coffee. Mix it carefully then add some cold water (not too much). 
Step 4: 
Drink it all immediately. It will not taste good so prepare a glass of water or a glass of juice.
Step 5:
Wait for  a few minutes to feel the effect. If you feel nothing, may be you have a high tolerance for caffeine. Just add a tablespoon of coffee until you feel the effect.  

Don’t try this if you are not physically healthy or if you have any heart problem. An overdose of caffeine (500mg and up – it depends how sensitive you are) can lead to a serious problem like trouble breathing,  vomiting, hallucinations, confusion, chest pain, irregular or fast heartbeat, uncontrollable muscle movements, convulsions or even death. 

Eugene   May 30, 2017  1543 views 
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If you are using Globe SuperSurf promo for  internet browsing, did you know that you can get up to 1600MB per day? You can get another 800MB legaly if you are going to do this simple trick.
The trick here is timing. After your successful registration to any supersurf denominations, you will have 800MB data that you can use for internet browsing and you should consume that 800MB before 12:00 AM. Don’t worry because you will automatically get another 800MB from globe to continue your internet surfing.
If you are not going to consume all your data before 12:00 AM, you will not receive another 800MB.This trick is also applicable to Smart’s Surfmax Promo. If you consume all your data before 12:00 AM, you will get another extra 800MB.

Don’t forget to like and share! Happy Surfing.

Eugene   May 27, 2017  1599 views 
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If you want to become a good programmer, you should dedicate your heart into it. Only you can help your self to become a better one.
Here are some advice that might help you.  

1. Read Read and Read
This is the best way to improve your knowledge. Read everything about your favorite programming language. Learn its core features and advantage against other programming language.

2. Practice makes everything perfect
Nothing will improve if you are not going to try whatever you have in your mind. Make small projects, simple apps, or something where you can practice your knowledge about your favorite programming language.

3. Repeat 1&2

There is no secret formula or shortcut to become a good programmer. Everything takes times. The best thing you can do is to read and practice and practice every day.


Eugene   May 24, 2017  1556 views 
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Meizu added a new one to their M5 family line-up which is the M5c. It is a mid-range smartphone that is available in different colors. The specs of M5c is also similar with other local smartphones under 5k php. The unique advantage of Meizu’s M5c is its design. Its resembles the iphone.

Meizu M5c Quick Specs:

  • 5-inch HD display, 294ppi
  • 1.3GHz quad-core 64-bit CPU
  • Mali-T720 GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • up to 128GB via microSD
  • 8MP f/2.0 rear camera w/ LED flash
  • 5MP front camera
  • Dual-SIM
  • 4G LTE
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Flyme 6 OS (Android 7.0 Nougat)
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Like Xiaomi’s mi, Meizu’s smartphones are also gorgeous (yeah like the iphones) and with a very competitive specs. If the price of Meizu M5c is going to be under 5k PHP, this will be a best choice to buy if you are on a tight budget. 

    Eugene   May 24, 2017  1490 views 
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    The Apple of China, Xiaomi is officially back again in the Philippines as Mi Home PH
    This time, they are not just going to sell smartphones but also they are going to offer various gadgets and smart home devices. Hopefully, this could bring a good competition in the Philippine market.
    MI smartphones are solid, and very beautiful. They are one of the Chinese brands that I trust and now I’m so happy they are back. Sana lang magkaroon sila ng physical store para mas ma-appreciate sila ng mga bumibili. Right now, you can visit their virtual store at Lazada  Philippines. 


    Eugene   May 23, 2017  1576 views 
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    Your site is vulnerable to this kind of attacks if you are accepting data from the user. Hackers can send malicious data to get into your web application and access its database. 
    Here are some tips to make it harder for hackers to penetrate your web applications.
    1. Always filter, escape, format, sanitize, or validate any User Input 

    Always validate user input on the server side and not only on the user browser using JavaScript. Any client side validation is useless because it can be bypassed. 
    Only accept any user input if it matches the expected format. Always check if the submitted data contains unwanted characters (‘<>?/!@#$%^&*()_+=-;) based on your set of rules.  If you are expecting a text (user name), then you should verify that the submitted data only contains valid characters (Aa-Zz). 
    You might want to explore how to use “regex” to filter user input. This is very useful if you want to protect your application against SQL injection and cross site scripting. Check this post about bypassing XSS filters. 
    Google these terms: PHP regex, JavaScript regex, form validation

    2. Learn how to Use Token to Authenticate Your Web Forms

    The purpose of using token is to prevent hackers from cloning your web forms and use it to do malicious activities.  With tokens, you can always validate if the web form was originally generated from your server.  This will help to protect your web app against cross site forgery (csrf). 
    Google these terms: Token Synchronizer, anti CSRF

    3. Set the Names of Input Fields Dynamically
    You will make it more difficult for the hacker if you are going to set the names of your form fields dynamically on every request. 
    Instead of naming your form fields like this name=”email”, change it to something else like this name=”klmadqw” that is always randomly generated.

    Check the sample picture above. Everything has a dynamic part.
    *The action URL has a dynamic part. The hackers will have to figure out first where to send the request.
    *It has a dynamic hidden field with an encrypted value. This will increase the authenticity of the form.
    *The field name for email and password were both dynamically generated. Again, it will be harder for hackers to create fake request if they don’t know what to send.
    With this kind of web forms where everything changes per request, it will be more difficult to perform some automated attacks to penetrate your system. 

    4. Always Encrypt Sensitive User Information 

    Find a way to encrypt sensitive user information specially the login information. Don’t show login credentials. Use different techniques to save and retrieve user information from the database. Google these terms: Encryption tools, Best hashing method, Password hashing with salt 

    5. Learn How to Use prepared statements in your SQL/MySQL Code
    This is the best way to handle your database. The purpose of using prepared statements is to avoid executing SQL scripts if you forgot to sanitize or escape user input. Any inserted scripts along with the user data will not be recognized.

    6. Always escape any Data Before you print/echo/output it to the User’s Browser.
    If you want to avoid cross site scripting, make sure that you scape properly any data from the database before you sent it to the user’s browser. The purpose of escaping is to avoid running unwanted java scripts code that is embedded along with the data. 

    7. Use https instead of http
    With SSL connection, all the data/information being received/transmit from the user is encrypted. This is very important if you are getting credit card information or other sensitive data from the user. 

    Short Tips :
    Never trust the user. Always check and validate user input. Don’t rely on client side validation. Always do your final validation on the sever side. Don’t expose database variables. Encrypt sensitive information in your database.  Read more how to prevent SQL injection, Cross Site Forgery, and Cross Site Scripting.
    Always be updated. Check this site ( to learn more about web application security. 

    Eugene   May 22, 2017  1554 views 
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    WannaCry 2.0 or WannaDecrypt0r 2.0 ransomware is turning out to be one of the biggest security threats on windows pc today. It is malicious software that encrypts computer files (hard drive) preventing the users from accessing any files until they pay money via bitcoin. This particular program, called WannaCry, asks for about $300. The price increases over time and if you are still not going to pay until the deadline, your files will be completely locked out.

    Here are some ways to prevent WannaCry ransomware from attacking your windows PC.

    1. Update your windows PC regularly. 
    The "WannaCry" ransomware appears to have used a flaw in Microsoft's software, discovered by the National Security Agency and leaked by hackers, to spread rapidly across networks locking away files. So always keep your PC updated.

    2. Disable Server Message Block (SMB) on Windows Features
    According to some security experts, you can prevent WannaCry ransomware attack by disabling a windows feature called SMB that has something to do with the sharing of files and printers with computers running older versions of Windows.

    If the malware is already installed in your computer, you can check this guide to remove WannaCry ransomware.

    2. Avoid Clicking on Links or Opening Attachments from unknown emails.
    A simple link can bring you to websites that are full of malware. An attachment can contain bad macro scripts especially if you are opening an office application (word, excel, etc.).

    3. Do not Download or Install Untrusted Windows Applications
    Do not install cracked software. Always download the application from its official website. Do not install application that you just downloaded from somewhere else. 

    4. Always Check the File Extension before You Click 
    If you are going to open a file from your download folder, be sure that it does not end with “.exe” unless you are opening an application. If you are opening a picture, make sure it ends in “.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif”. A real file does not have“.exe” extension. 

    5. Backup Your Files to External USB Storage
    It is always better to have a backup. You should do it regularly especially if you are working on very important projects. 

    For more information about Wannacry, check it here.
    Don't forget to like and share :)

    Eugene   May 15, 2017  1593 views 
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    This type of virus/malware is very frustrating especially if you have very important files on your flash drive. The best way to deal with this virus is not to click anything to stop it from spreading to your computer system. 
    There are two methods that you can use to retrieve all your files from your USB device storage.
    1. Use the Power of CMD 
    You’re going to type some scripts to unhide all your files but it will not remove the virus/malware.

    Open command prompt and type ATTRIB –h –r –s /s /d X:\*.* and then press enter.
    Note: You have to replace X with the drive letter of your flash drive.
    Ex: ATTRIB –h –r –s /s /d F:\*.*
    This script will show everything on your flash drive and you will be able to open all your files.
    If you don’t want to type it manually, you can download this script I made to automate everything. It will show all your hidden files and also it will delete the virus and remove those shortcuts to clean your flash drive.  

    2. Use software
    This is the best choice especially if your computer is already infected. It will remove the virus from your computer so it will not infect other flash drives. 
    The best software to clean your computer and your flash drive is USB FIX.

    You can download this software for free. It scans everything even your computer’s registry to remove that filthy virus. 
    To avoid infecting your PC, do not to open your portable devices or hard drive via autorun or from “my computer”. Open your Flash Drive and Hard Disk by right-clicking it, then click explore, or type its drive letter in the windows address bar to prevent any script from running.

    Eugene   May 13, 2017  1964 views 
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    Here are the lists of sites where you can download the paid version of your favorite android app. 

    1. HiAppHere 

    HiAppHere is my best choice.  No tricky ads or tricky buttons. You need to create an account in order for you to download apps. Nice interface and not confusing.
    Incase you don’t like HiAppHere, here are some other sites you might want to give a try.

    Please don't forget to like and share :)

    Eugene   May 06, 2017  1709 views 
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