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Bezel less LG G6 is out with an awesome 18:9 screen aspect ratio

Eugene    Jan 10, 2017     925 views

LG has  ananounce a new 5.7-inch LCD with the unusual aspect ratio of 18:9 and a QHD+ resolution. The 18:9 aspect ratio is interesting because it adds a couple of notches beyond the traditional 16:9, which is a perfect fit for most widescreen content available to watch on desktop or mobile devices today and LG  says it will be used in LG’s next flagship smartphone. LG previously did that very successfully with the LG G2, but moved away from it with larger models that prioritized other design features.

 Xiaomi’s Mi Mix has a 17:9 screen, which allows an extra sliver beyond 16:9 to accommodate the Android software buttons. LG’s choice to go even taller (or wider, if you’re looking at it in landscape) with its next flagship could be a hint that the company has something else to add into the additional space. That could be another second-screen implementation, as LG has already done with the V10 and V20 smartphones, but nothing has yet been confirmed on that front.

Read more here about LG's next screen display.

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