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If you are using Globe SuperSurf promo for  internet browsing, did you know that you can get up to 1600MB per day? You can get another 800MB legaly if you are going to do this simple trick.
The trick here is timing. After your successful registration to any supersurf denominations, you will have 800MB data that you can use for internet browsing and you should consume that 800MB before 12:00 AM. Don’t worry because you will automatically get another 800MB from globe to continue your internet surfing.
If you are not going to consume all your data before 12:00 AM, you will not receive another 800MB.This trick is also applicable to Smart’s Surfmax Promo. If you consume all your data before 12:00 AM, you will get another extra 800MB.

Don’t forget to like and share! Happy Surfing.

Eugene   May 27, 2017  701 views 
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