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Maybe you are thinking to root your android phone for whatever reason you might have but don’t know where to start or too afraid to do it? Don’t worry; I’m going to share you some tips based on my experience so your android smart phone will be safe. Here are some very important things you should know before rooting you android phone.

1. Familiarize yourself with the following terminologies

ROM – Think of it as an operating system (OS) like windows 7, windows 8, or windows 10. You can install different ROM that is customized specifically for your device.

CUSTOM RECOVERY – Think of it as a BIOS, like the one on your PC. Your device has its own recovery but it’s not powerful enough and limited. You can only do a factory reset, but with a custom recovery, you can install an application, or install a new custom ROM to your device.  

FLASH – A method of “installing” an application or ROM using a custom recovery. All things you flash are in “.zip” file.

SOFT BRICK – Means “software dead”. This happens when you flashed an incorrect rom or there was an error while flashing a custom ROM or application. Your phone is not starting at all but you can still enter into recovery mode and install a new ROM.

HARD BRICK – Physical hardware is involved. This is the result of incorrect way of flashing. You are not able to enter anymore into recovery mode. You need to use some desktop application to fix your phone.

BOOT LOOP – A state where your android phone does not boot properly. It keeps on displaying the logo and does not continue. This happens when you flash an incompatible ROM or an application.

2. Read or watch every available tutorial on how to root your android phone, exact brand and model.

 Don’t use tutorial from other smartphone because the process of rooting an android phone is specific only on each unit or brand. After you found the tutorial for your smartphone, be sure to understand the whole process step by step. Get all required components (custom recovery and an original copy of your android ROM (OS)) before you start experimenting on your phone.

3. Install a custom recovery on your android smartphone

After rooting your android phone, you must change its default recovery. With a custom android recovery, you are safe no matter what happen to your android smartphone. Some popular custom recovery for android is TWRP and CWM. These custom recoveries will help you re-install again the original operating system (ROM) of your smartphone if everything gets corrupted. Only flash a custom recovery that is compatible with your device.

4. Backup everything

After you successfully flashed a custom recovery on your device, the next thing you should do is to back up your current ROM (operating system). Both TWRP and CWM has an option to back up everything including all your current applications and data with it.

5. Only choose a custom ROM that is compatible with your device

Look for forums or other android groups about your device. Don’t use other ROM that is not customized to work on your specific device model because it will not work.

6. Before you flash anything, be sure to check if it is compatible with your device

Once you flashed an incompatible file(ROM,Application), this may cause to brick your phone. Always look for threads/forum that the file you want to flash is compatible with your device.

7. Be sure to have a custom recovery before you flash anything on your device.

Again, based on my experience, this is the most important part of rooting. You must have a custom recovery so you can always fix your device every time it crashes.

8. Fully charged your phone

Be sure that your phone’s battery is enough (at least 50%) while you flash anything.

These are just some of the basic but very important things you should know before you root your android phone. Join Facebook groups, forums, threads about your device for more information. It will help you a lot. Good luck.

Eugene   May 06, 2017  2297 views 
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Rooting your android smartphone gives you a great power to customize it. But you should always remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Here are several reasons why you need to root your android smartphone.

  • To uninstall bloatware (pre-installed app) or default apps
  • You might notice on a new smartphone that there are some apps already pre-installed. Some of those apps that are not default on Android were added by your device manufacturer.  Sometimes those apps are useless and just consume space and memory. The worst part is that some of those pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled. You have only one choice which is to “disable” but still, those apps consumes space.  If you’re not happy with that, you can root your android smartphone and delete those apps to completely remove from your smartphone.


  • To reduce battery consumption by tweaking some configurations
  • With root permission, you can access your android system folder which contains various configurations and options. By editing the right configuration, it is possible to turn off unnecessary process or limit CPU usage to extend battery life. You can look about this tweaks on google to improve the battery life of your smartphone.


  • Overclock smartphone’s CPU or GPU to run games much faster
  • You can control the processor (CPU) speed of your android smartphone depending on your purpose. If you want to run your games smoothly, you might want to increase the speed or frequency (MHz) of your device’s CPU and GPU.  You can do this by editing some configurations or by the help of some special application.


  • To increase ROM storage and RAM
  • RAM is a type of memory on your smartphone that handles all your active apps. You might notice that if you open a lot of apps simultaneously, your smartphone is starting to become very slow, this is because the RAM on your smartphones decreases and there’s no more space to handle other processes or active apps. 

    You can increase your smartphone’s RAM by using your phone storage (ROM) or by adding a very high speed SD card. This is possible by using a special application.


  • To run applications that requires root permission
  • As mentioned above, you can customize your android smartphone by using some special applications. In order for these apps to run and work properly, your device must be rooted properly, otherwise it will not work.

  • To change the overall look of your smartphone by installing different ROM (OS) from other brand of android smartphone
  • You can change the overall look oy your android smartphone by installing a customized OS (ROM) of your android smartphone. You can look on the internet for the “custom ROM” of your android smartphone.


  • And lastly to  enhance system performance (Audio, Camera,  and Network connection)
  • As I was said, you can edit the configurations of your android smartphone. You can enhance the audio quality, picture quality, and data speed or network connection of your android smartphone.

    Rooting your android smartphone is very risky if you are not a technical savvy. You should only root your smartphone if you have fully understood the whole process. There are some guidelines that you should know first before attempting to root your android smartphone.

    You should remember that rooting your android smartphone will void your device’s warranty. Different brands of android smartphone require different methods of rooting process. Rooting a Samsung smartphone is not the same as rooting a Xiaomi smartphone or any other android smartphone.

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    Things you should know first before you root your android phone

    Eugene   Apr 29, 2017  619 views 
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    Cherry Mobile Flare P1 is the newest budget smartphone from Cherry mobile with a price tag of P3,999 pesos. One of the interesting features of cherry mobile flare P1 is that it has a dual camera (13MP + 2MP) at the back that can take photos with bokeh effects or blurry backgrounds. It also has a 5MP front facing camera with flash which is nice for night selfies.

    Chery Mobile Flare P1 Quick Specs and Price

  • Price : P3999
  • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Screen Size :  5 inch HD IPS
  • CPU : 1.3 GHz Quad Core
  • RAM : 1GB
  • ROM : 16 GB
  • Rear Cam : 13MP + 2MP w/ Flash
  • Front Cam : 5MP w/ Flash
  • Wi-Fi : 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth : 4.1
  • Battery : 2350 mAh
  • Network : 2G (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz) & 3G (900/2100)
  • SIM CARD : Dual Micro Sim

    It has a pretty standard design just like other smartphones and an average build quality which is just right for its price.
    Check the images below and see it for your self.


    Cherry Mobile Flare P1 is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core processor from MediaTek paired with Mali-400 MP GPU.

    It is enough to run your favorite casual apps and games or watch videos on the internet. Multi-tasking is also smooth since Cherry Mobile Flare P1 has a 1GB of RAM and it runs on the latest android version, Android Nougat (7.0). 
    Cherry Mobile Flare P1 has an AnTuTu score of 24,438 based on our test. You can check more about it with the following screen shots below.


    The UI of Cherry Mobile Flare P1 is still based on default android look which is very smooth based on our test. If you don’t like its stock launcher, you can always install a third party one. The Flare P1 has some preloaded apps from Cherry Mobile that promotes Filipino applications.

    Here are some screenshots of Cherry Mobile Flare P1 default UI interface.


    Having a dual rear camera is the most interesting feature of Cherry Mobile Flare P1. People are going crazy about this because you would only see this type of feature on flagship devices like Huawei, LG, and Apple iphone.

    The cherry mobile flare P1 has two standard rear cameras (13MP + 2MP) that can capture pretty good pictures. It has also a front facing camera (5MP) with flash for night selfies.

    The picture quality is not bad at all. Check the sample photos below. We did not use any lens at all. It is all just cherry mobile flare P1.


    Yes, it is possible to take photos with bokeh  effects, to highlight the effect, both the subject (foreground) and background should be well lighted. This effect can be easily achieved with small subjects. This really works on macro photography.

    You can use the blur mode to achieved bokeh effects on larger subjects such as a person or other big objects.


    Cherry mobile flare P1 is a dual sim smartphone and it supports only 3G data connection.
    Overall, there is no problem with data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connection.



    Standard. We suggest you to use a power bank if you are always using it for internet surfing and gaming.


    If you are looking for a smartphone in the same price range, cherry mobile flare p1 is a good choice especially if you are into photography.

    Eugene   May 04, 2017  2820 views 
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    Closed-Circuit Television or also known as CCTV  is being used in practically all office buildings for surveillance purposes.It is also common these days to see household CCTV installed to check on your maid and to insure your children or the elderly are being taken care of properly. cctv business is growing faster than before because more and more people want to feel secure and have a peace of mind specially with their bussiness.

    One of the new cctv player today in the Philippine market is Honeywell, a leading security provider in the Philippines. According to google,  Honeywell International Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.

    Honeywell offers both SMB (small-to-medium) cctv and enterprise level surveillance solutions. If you want to have cctv installed in your home, office or store, you might want to look for their  SMB segment cctv and if you are a company owner, you might want to invest with their enterprise class cctv.

    Honeywell Analog HD

    Honeywell Analog HD is an analog type of cctv like the traditional one but with enchanced and improved resolution from 720p (1280x720 pixels) upto 1080p (1920x1080 pixels). Unlike the traditional analog, Honeywell Analog HD cameras have more clearer and enhanced picture and video quality and are equiped with infrared LED for night vision. Honeywell Analog HD is good for home, small offices or stores where few cameras are required.
    Here are some of the key specs of Honeywell Analog HD CCTV

  • HD Video Resolutions (720p, 960p & 1080p)
  • Built in infrared LED for night vision
  • Water and dust proof (IP66)
  • Vandal Proof (protection against external mechanical impact)
  • Auto WB, AGC, DNR, WDR for image inhancement
  • Varifocal : Adjustable focal lengh upto 12mm
  • Different form factor (Dome and Bullet)
  • Solid body/housing
  • Up to 1600 feet transmission distance using RG59 coaxial cable
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

  • 4,8, and 16 camera channel support
  • Remote or mobile viewing support (Android and IOS)
  • High video compresion using H.264 Technology
  • Audio recording, mic input
  • PTZ Control
  • Alarm output (relay third party alarm system)
  • Different Recording mode (by date or motion detection)
  • Email Notification
  • Free DDNS
  • Two USB port for mouse and flash drive (back-up)
  • Playback, Snapshot and Backup support
  • HDMI or VGA monitor support
  • Free CMS Application
  • Lean more about Honeywell Analog CCTV

    Honeywell IP CCTV System

    For large cctv deployment or  multi site cctv application, Honeywell Performance Series IP line up is a good one to consider. Here are some of the key specs.

  • High resolution camera upto 3MP
  • Built in Infrared (night vision)
  • Water and dust proof (IP66)
  • Vandal Proof (protection against external mechanical impact)
  • BLC, WDR, HLC for different image adjustments
  • Varifocal : Adjustable focal length upto 12mm (Motorized Focus Zoom)
  • Different form factor (Bullet, Dome, Ball)
  • Solid body/housing
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR

  • 4, 8, and 16 camera channel support
  • Remote or mobile viewing support (Android and IOS)
  • P2P support for easy mobile viewing
  • High video compresion using H.264 Technology
  • Audio recording, mic input
  • PTZ Control
  • Alarm output (relay third party alarm system)
  • Different Recording mode (by date or motion detection)
  • Email Notification
  • Free DDNS
  • Two USB port for mouse and flash drive (back-up)
  • Playback, Snapshot and Backup support
  • HDMI or VGA monitor support
  • Free Video Management Software upto 960 camera
  • Learn more about Honeywell IP CCTV

    Honeywell Enterprise CCTV


    Honeywell equIP  are enterprise grade level cctv with resolutions up to 5MP and are ultra low light and can offer true wide dynamic range up to 140dB for clearer and brighter video footages from different lightning conditions. Longer IR distance upto 50 meters and different varifocal adjustments. Honeywell’s full equIP line of IP cameras feature a simplified user interface, superior image quality with full integration to recording devices with new technology that makes checking the status of your system faster and easier. 

    Learn more about Honeywell Enterprise CCTV and other related products.

    Eugene   Jan 16, 2017  1167 views 
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    This trick requires your great programming skill and mind to make your computer talk. Nah, the only thing you need is your notepad, no need to have programming skills because i'm going to provide you the code that we're going to use.

    First copy the code below and paste it to notepad.

    Dim userInput

    userInput = InputBox("Write a message for me to say")

    Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")

    Sapi.speak userInput


    After doing that you need to save it as "talk.vbs", like in the image below.

    The result file would be like this (look at the image below).

    Now that you have your .vbs file, try to open it and type the words you want then press enter, wait for a second and you will hear the computer talk.

    AJC   May 04, 2017  597 views 
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    The Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerburg, and still today, Facebook is one of the most widely used online social media across the world. It is now a necessity among teenagers, and serve as a diary, album, portfolio for others.

    If you want to change the theme and color of your Facebook, here are the simple steps.

    First you need to go to your Google Chrome browser and go to options.

    Second step, from the options choose "more tools" then go to "extensions", this is where we access the Chrome Webstore, if you know how to access Chrome Webstore you can skip this step and the third step.

    Third step, inside the extension tab you need to scroll down to find the "get more extension" and click it. Google Chrome will redirect you to Google Webstore where you can download the extension you need to change your Facebook theme.

    Now, when you are on the Chrome Webstore, type "stylish" on the search box and click enter.

    When the results appear on the screen, select the "Stylish-Custom themes for any website".

    If you want to check the product if it is safe from viruses you can read the overview and reviews about this product. If you're now satisfied you can click now the "Add to chrome" button and wait for the installation of your extension, it only takes 3 to 5 seconds.

    After the installation, go to your Facebook account and click the small icon on the right corner, and select the "Style Library". Here you can select the themes you want for your Facebook.

    If you find the theme you want just click the install style button to automatically apply your theme.

    After applying your theme you can now enjoy the new look of your Facebook.

    AJC   May 04, 2017  681 views 
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    If you have an external hard drive that works properly with your laptop or pc before and then suddenly your pc did not recognized  it anymore for whatever reason, here is a fix for that.

    To see if this fix is applicable to you, remove everything that is connected to your pc and then  go to “Control Panel\System and Security\System” and then click “Device Manager” and then click “Disk Drives”.

    In my case, I have only one disk drive (ST9500325AS) and that’s the HDD of my laptop. Now, try to connect your external hard drive to see if it will appear on the list.

    My external hard drive (WD My Passport07A8 USB Device) finally appeared after trying to connect it to all available USB ports of my laptop. After that, select the external hard drive then right click and select “uninstall”. 

    After uninstalling your external drive, disconnect it from your pc, wait for a few minutes before connecting it again. This time, when you connect your external drive, your pc will install new driver and you should be able to access all your data from your external drive.
    If it does not work, try to reboot your PC and repeat the process again.


    Eugene   May 02, 2017  670 views 
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    The internet is not safe as you think it is. You don’t know how dangerous it is every time that you visit a website or click a link on the internet. Here are some tips to prevent those hackers from stealing all your data and information.

    Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi Whether It Is Free or Paid

    Having free internet is nice but you should not use this whenever you are doing online banking, purchasing online, or accessing your company’s website. Anyone that is connected on the same Wi-Fi network can be a hacker and they can steal your data. It is possible to extract the data from anyone that is connected on the same Wi-Fi network. So always use your own mobile data connection or bring your own pocket Wi-Fi.

    Don’t use Public Devices for Personal Transactions

    Never use a public internet cafe for personal transactions especially if you are doing online banking. Bring your own device if you have to.

    Always Check the Website URL

    Don’t look at the content, always check the website’s URL. A fake website can look the same as the original one. This is called fishing and you should be aware of it especially of you are doing online banking. It is better to type manually the address of your bank website than clicking it somewhere from the net.

    Don’t Click Unknown Links, or Any Ads

    Do not click any link from anyone you don’t know. Avoid clicking links from untrusted websites. Don’t click ads; never do that whatever it says. A simple link can steal your information and data.  This is called cross-site-forgery or cross-site-scripting. If you are not sure whether the link is safe or not, the best way to do is to open the link on incognito tab so no data will be collected from your current browser session.  

    Use PayPal as Payment Method

    The reason why it is best to use PayPal to purchase online is that you don’t need to re-enter your credit card info on every online store. Once you are registered to PayPal, all your credit card info is safe in one place. And also with PayPal, you can limit or control your credit card spending. Aside from that, PayPal is a trusted payment method worldwide.

    Always Use the Logout Button to Exit from a Website Appliction

    There is a reason why there is a logout button and you should always use it to exit on every web application. The purpose of the logout button is to clear or delete all your current session data so that it will not be collected by the hacker.

    Avoid Using Cracked Softwares or Programs

    Please don’t use cracked software if you don’t know where it came from. They can log everything you do on your own computer and steal all the information about you including your back account credentials and other information.

    Install Latest Anti-Virus Software and Update your Applications

    Your PC can be infected by just browsing on the internet. So look for an Anti-Virus software that offers internet security. Please, use a paid version, not cracked or free if you really want to protect you self.

    Hackers are very powerful and there are so many ways to hack you. Don’t easily believe on everything you see on the internet without verifying it. Always use your common sense.


    Eugene   Apr 30, 2017  683 views 
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    If your are looking for a nice android launcher application then you aready found one. I present to you TSF SHELL , a very fast, sleek, light and nice looking launcher with custumizable themes, fonts, 3D objects, transitions and pretty animations. Don't worry it does eats a lot of RAM and does not have ads and it is FREE.

    I tried so many android launcher before but none of those apps met my satisfaction. I tried Go Launcher, it was nice but it eats a lot of RAM and it has ads and you have to buy the premium to disable the ads. Well, the good thing about GO Launcher is that you can costumize everything. 

    I also tried Next Launcher , a fully 3D animated launcher. It was also nice but it consumes a lot of battery and i hate that. Then I also tried some light launcher like Nova and Apex, both are simple but you are able to custumize certain items lke icons, fonts and etc. Still at the end, I am not satisfied.

    I discovered TSF Launcher form my sister. I was amazed by its simple and smooth animations. The UI is so simple and everything is also customizable. TSF SELL launcher is the best for me so far.  

    Here are some reasins why I like TSF SHELL launcher.

  • Simple and smooth animations and transitions
  • You can resize widgets the way you want.
  • On the home screen, you can place each icons anywhere you want.
  • It has some 3D animated widgets that floats right on your homescreen.
  • Custumizable themes or mix themes
  • Hide icon, hide dock icons, and qiuck gestures
  •  You can try it if you want and the good thing about it is that it is free. 
    Here is the link on the play store.

    You can also watched this review about TSF Shell launcher that I found on youtube.


    Eugene   Jan 09, 2017  1131 views 
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    If you want to dive in the field of information technology, now this is your chance to be a part of MSI-ECS, a leading IT product distributor company in the Philippines. MSI-ECS is giving  two months of workshop for free and get a chance to recieve a job contract.

    They will train you with the following technologies:

  • Data Center 
  • Virtualization 
  • Hyperconverged Platform 
  • Networking 
  • Unified Communication & Colaboration
  • Cloud Solutions
  • This is a great oppurtunity specially for the new graduates. If you''re not familiar with the different technologies mentioned above then don't miss this chance. For more information please see the flyers below.

    Eugene   Jan 13, 2017  613 views 
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    Qualcomm recently announced their new chipset to power up mobile devices. Qualcomm Debuts Snapdragon 835, likely the best android chip of all in 2017 if MediaTek will not make a move. 

    Qualcomm confirmed new details about the Snapdragon 835 processor at the chipmaker’s CES 2017 press conference in Las Vegas, including revealing the first Snapdragon 835-powered device. Qualcom says that it will be one-of-a-kind processor that’s smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient than any chipset in history.

    So what's new with Snapdragon 835 processor? Here's a quick summary.

  • Built using a new 10nm design to make it smaller and more compact
  • 25 percent less power than the previous generation
  • Ultra-fast charging  with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4
  • Gigabit LTE and multi-gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity
  •  25 percent faster 3D graphic rendering and 60X more display colors
  • It supports 3D positional audio, superior SNR (Signal-to-Noise ratio), and native DSD format
  • Improved zoom and stabilization for photos and videos and Dual Photodiode (2PD) support for outstanding auto focus
  • Supports cameras with resolutions ranging up to 32-megapixels at 30 frames per second
  • Integrated with  Snapdragon X16 Gigabit LTE modem and support for 802.11ad multi-gigabit, as well as integrated 2x2 11ac MU-MIMO Wi-Fi
  •  Bluetooth 5.0 support  through  companion WCN 3990 chip
  • Improved security with Qualcomm Haven Security Platform
  • Qualcom plans to use snapdragon 835 to build immersive AR and VR, to improve machine learning for low power virtual assistant and security. The first devices powered by Snapdragon 835 are the ODG R-8 and R-9 AR/VR smartglasses.

    Well, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon is awesome, and here's what I think: With  great power comes great responsibility I mean price, great price.


    Eugene   Jan 13, 2017  1262 views 
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    OPPO is known for its good-camera-quality for mobile phones, since it has credibility around the smartphone industry. PI (Pure Image) puts OPPO into the leading position of providing incredible photographic equipment within the smartphone industry, as well as offering a multiple camera design platform which brings a breathtaking and gorgeous user experience for consumers.

    Oppo has been put on the top in PH as the 2nd best-selling brand of smart phone that provides quality and efficient mobile gadgets. Oppo is now reaching its peak and continuously showing it success in smartphone industry.

    TechBee   Jan 09, 2017  1574 views 
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    The HTC 10 earned itself a lot of love from the people who bought one last year — but as best anyone can tell, that wasn’t a whole lot of people. More recently there’s been the Bolt (a Sprint exclusive in the US) and the Google-branded, HTC-made Pixel, but it seems that HTC’s next major smartphone is due soon. Very soon.

    As noted by Android Police, leaked images of a device codenamed “Ocean Blue” show off a phone with glass covering both the front and back with an aluminum frame sandwiched in the middle. Gone is the unibody metal style that’s been the hallmark of top-tier HTC smartphones in recent years.

    Somewhat surprisingly, there’s a secondary display at the top right, just like on the LG V10/V20. According to the photos, its functionality will include app shortcuts, the weather, and an always-on display mode with the date, time, and a battery indicator. That’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, so hopefully HTC has some other ideas that make the secondary ticker feel worthwhile and less like a hard-to-reach, recycled gimmick.

    Around back is a rounded square-shaped camera, which feels very Samsung when combined with the glass — despite HTC having used this design previously on the M9. The hump with this one is... significant.

    Up top is the SIM card try and a mic, on the side is a textured power button and volume toggle, and there’s a USB-C port on bottom. Like the Bolt before it, this next HTC device doesn’t feature a headphone jack. It’ll come in at least three colors: black, dark blue, and two others that I’m fairly confident are white and rose gold. But the lighting is pretty bad, so who knows.

    HTC today began hyping an announcement scheduled for January 12th at 3AM ET. “It is all about U” is the company’s tagline for the coming reveal, so we might just be looking at the HTC U. Let’s hope there’s more to it than what’s on the surface. Rumored specifications include a 6-inch QHD display, the brand new Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.


    Eugene   Jan 10, 2017  830 views 
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    It looks like Samsung is prepping follow-ups to last year’s Galaxy C5 and C7 series. Expected to be called the C5 Pro and C7 Pro, the upcoming phones have been making the rounds in the rumor mills of late — and are expected to join the already-released C9 Pro, which was released only in China.

    The devices are largely expected to feature super-thin, stylish designs, with quite a refreshed look over last year’s devices. So what should we expect from the new C-series phones? Here’s everything we think we know so far.

    Galaxy C5 Pro

    The Galaxy C5 Pro was first leaked on import tracking website Zauba, with the model number SM-C5000 — proving that the device does exist. Then we got a full-on spec leak for the device on Chinese social media website Weibo, which showed that it would be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and it would sport 3GB of RAM or more.

    Now, we finally have a first look at the design of the C5 Pro, along with the C7 Pro and the already-released C9 Pro. The leak comes from Twitter user @mmddj_china, and shows that the phones will indeed feature quite a sleek design.

    Galaxy C7 Pro

    Apart from the design leak for the C7 Pro in the @mmddj_china tweet, we also have benchmark results for the C7 Pro that show off some interesting specs for the phone.

    According to the results, posted to Geekbench, the phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, along with 4GB of RAM and Android 6.0.1 pre-installed. The device will also feature a 5.7-inch full HD display.

    According to the benchmark, the phone scored a cool 1,000 on the single-core test and 5,679 on the multicore test, which makes it a pretty nice midrange phone. Sure, it’s not groundbreaking, but depending on the price, it could be quite a nice choice.

    Read more: 
    Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | DigitalTrends on Facebook

    Eugene   Jan 10, 2017  795 views 
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    LG has  ananounce a new 5.7-inch LCD with the unusual aspect ratio of 18:9 and a QHD+ resolution. The 18:9 aspect ratio is interesting because it adds a couple of notches beyond the traditional 16:9, which is a perfect fit for most widescreen content available to watch on desktop or mobile devices today and LG  says it will be used in LG’s next flagship smartphone. LG previously did that very successfully with the LG G2, but moved away from it with larger models that prioritized other design features.

     Xiaomi’s Mi Mix has a 17:9 screen, which allows an extra sliver beyond 16:9 to accommodate the Android software buttons. LG’s choice to go even taller (or wider, if you’re looking at it in landscape) with its next flagship could be a hint that the company has something else to add into the additional space. That could be another second-screen implementation, as LG has already done with the V10 and V20 smartphones, but nothing has yet been confirmed on that front.

    Read more here about LG's next screen display.

    Eugene   Jan 10, 2017  918 views 
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