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If your are looking for a nice android launcher application then you aready found one. I present to you TSF SHELL , a very fast, sleek, light and nice looking launcher with custumizable themes, fonts, 3D objects, transitions and pretty animations. Don't worry it does eats a lot of RAM and does not have ads and it is FREE.

I tried so many android launcher before but none of those apps met my satisfaction. I tried Go Launcher, it was nice but it eats a lot of RAM and it has ads and you have to buy the premium to disable the ads. Well, the good thing about GO Launcher is that you can costumize everything. 

I also tried Next Launcher , a fully 3D animated launcher. It was also nice but it consumes a lot of battery and i hate that. Then I also tried some light launcher like Nova and Apex, both are simple but you are able to custumize certain items lke icons, fonts and etc. Still at the end, I am not satisfied.

I discovered TSF Launcher form my sister. I was amazed by its simple and smooth animations. The UI is so simple and everything is also customizable. TSF SELL launcher is the best for me so far.  

Here are some reasins why I like TSF SHELL launcher.

  • Simple and smooth animations and transitions
  • You can resize widgets the way you want.
  • On the home screen, you can place each icons anywhere you want.
  • It has some 3D animated widgets that floats right on your homescreen.
  • Custumizable themes or mix themes
  • Hide icon, hide dock icons, and qiuck gestures
  •  You can try it if you want and the good thing about it is that it is free. 
    Here is the link on the play store.

    You can also watched this review about TSF Shell launcher that I found on youtube.


    Eugene   Jan 09, 2017  2009 views 
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